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Local priorities
I am proud to announce I am supporting Tom Jacobson as my candidate for House District 21. Jacobson is a proven leader in the Great Falls community, and his involvement with many other organizations statewide demonstrates he has gained experience in a wide range of programs that will serve him well as a decision-maker in Helena.
Jacobson researches the issues before forming an opinion on how he will vote on critical issues that Montanans are concerned with and will ensure that his district and our community will be a priority. He is not like many of the representatives in the last Legislature who only voted the way their political party told them to vote even when it wasn't in the best interest of Montana.
I often hear Jacobson talk about how we deserve a government that works for people, not just corporations and special interests. He knows we deserve a representative who will fight for small business, good-paying jobs, access to public lands and water and quality education for all. He believes these values are worth fight for. I am a senior citizen, and I want someone in Helena who I trust to do what is right for seniors. I feel confident that Jacobson will stand strong in supporting our issues.
These are some of the reasons why Jacobson is my candidate for HD 21, and I hope you can join me in supporting him.
Stan Juneau, Great Falls
For Access Jacobson is Your Representative

Cleve Loney has pulled the wool over the eyes of a lot of people. During the last Legislature, he voted for almost everything against the Montana sportsmen, including repealing the stream access law. Loney is excellent at talk and deceit, and if you look at his voting record, you will find you were not very well represented.

If you love to hunt and fish and want more access, count on Medicare and Social Security or are a young person counting on living in Montana and on better jobs, I urge you to vote for Tom Jacobson. He is an honorable family man and sportsman who will work hard to make Great Falls and Montana a great placed to live.

Jim Combs, Great Falls
Originally appeared in the Great Falls Tribune, 10/18/12
Protect Our Outdoor Heritage

With Election Day fast approaching, it is important that sportsmen, hunters and anglers be aware of the issues and challenges that will be impacted by the representatives they elect on No. 6. One candidate stands out as being someone who not only has a solid understanding of those issues but is also someone who will fight for and represent all sportsmen in a vigorous, aggressive and common-sense manner in Helena. That candidate is Tom Jacobson in House District 25.
Jacobson's understanding and strong support for access issues is crucial because in this session, as in 2011, access and the Stream Access Law will be under relentless attack again. His opponent, Cleve Loney, stood with those dedicated to eliminating that landmark protection to public access that is the envy of the country, Montana's Stream Access law.
The threat to that access is far more than just streams and rivers. It is also access to public land, and it impacts not just hunters and anglers, but hikers, horse folks and all motorized users as well.
In that regard, I urge voters to support Tom Jacobson for HD 25 to protect and safeguard our valuable outdoor heritage and the right to equitable public access for all.
Jerry Dolson, Great Falls
Originally appeared in Great Falls Tribune, 10/22/12